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Welcome to the Living Room

Our little slugs turned into little puppies this week. We celebrated their newfound 'little dog'

status by upgrading their living quarters with the big move from our bedroom and whelping box to the main living area and weening pen.

They quickly began exploring and enjoying their bigger space and toys. During the week we added some faux turf as we begin the toilet training process. And today they started welcoming their very own visitors. We continue to introduce a new novelty each day.

Being in the living area also means they get to see Great Uncle Benni and matriarch Fleur. Fleur has been desperate to get upstairs to the puppies ever since they were born, so she is thrilled to have them downstairs now. Today Liina even let her come into the pen to have a quick play today. The move has been as big for Liina as the puppies. She has had to quickly accept the other two dogs being around and visitors calling in.

Because we began introducing goat's milk and puppy mousse from 16 days of age, they hit the ground running with solids this week. At the beginning of the week, they were getting their very-soaked kibble with puppy mousse and goat's milk. By the end of the week, they were helping themselves to their mother's dry kibble.

Here are their 4 week photos in birth order:

Jelly, Pinto, Coffee, Cocoa, Cannellini, Butter.


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