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The Magical Beans

Our little beans turned one week old on Sunday and what magical beans they are. Healthy, robust, and already full of sass! Coffee has an opinion on everything and God help anyone who gets in the way of Cannellini and the milk bar. Cocoa loves to give kisses and has quickly become Damian's favourite, while Butter is Lillian's. Jelly is our petite little girl and Pinto is chilled and happy in her own company. Liina has settled nicely into motherhood, no longer wanting to be with the puppies constantly. Happy to come downstairs and hang out with Benni and Fleur while the puppies sleep.

The puppies are weighed each morning and are steadily gaining weight. Their Day 7 average weight was 606gm (up from their birth weight of 369gm). On Day 7 we began Early Neological Stimulation (ENS), using Puppy Culture protocols, in order to give these little girls their best possible start to life.

Here they are at one week of age:








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