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Today we got our first official stacked shots. I won't name names, but we had some little superstars up on the table, showing off their potential. But no decent group photo...I don't think you need to be a genius to work out why.

As the week has progressed they have spent more time out of their weening pen, either loose in the living area with us or exploring the big world of the backyard. The backyard is so much fun with sticks, leaves, ducks, and a chook. So. Much. Fun. Feel free to join our Facebook group to see lovely casual photos of the puppies enjoying the outside world.

Friday night saw their first visit to the vet to get their microchips and first vaccination. Each of the puppies was given a clean bill of health and of course, loved the attention they attracted in the waiting room (not to mention in the consultation room too).

They have continued their socialisation games, this week with the addition of noseworks activities. Whilst Great-Uncle Benni finds the puppies annoying, foster Aunt Fleur thinks they are great and really enjoys playing with them. This positive interaction with other dogs is so good for them. And when they aren't annoying her by trying to feed from her, Liina also enjoys playing with them. Tug is a great game and this morning she wore them out by having them chase her while she did zoomies around the yard.

Here are their 6 Weeks' photos:








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