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Racers, Start Your Engines.

To say we are pleased with the show potential of this litter would be an understatement. We are excited to have three of our Drag Race litter appearing in the show ring.


Aetøzee Beverly Kills at Polarpaws (AI)

Formally Pinto, Ellie has gone to join Bianca and Clive Ralphs at Polarpaws, in northern Victoria. There she will be a part of their show and sports teams. Ellie has the cheekiest personality, demanding attention and her tail never stops wagging. We wish Bianca all the very best, with Ellie.


Aetøzee Aubrey Haive (AI)

Coffee is still to receive her forever name, but when it happens we know it will be the perfect fit. She has gone to be loved by the Landers Family, here in Tasmania, but will be shown by Rachael. With her darker markings, she wasn't as initially 'flashy' as her well-marked sisters, but her lovely conformation and type made her difficult to look past. And a big smile appeared on my face the day I saw her 'moving' as she followed the ducks around. Fingers crossed she will also help produce the next generation of Aetøzee Lappies.


Aetøzee Scarlett Adams (AI)

Esmé, formally Cocoa, is attention-grabbing in every way - her colour, her attitude, her type, her structure. That strut!

Charlie was looking for her second Lappie and first show dog, so I was hoping for something special for her to hit the ring with. The little brown surprise caught Charlie's eye right from the beginning, but I had my reservations. It can be difficult to be successful in the all breeds show ring with non-black and tan lappies, so I didn't want to give a new exhibitor this additional hurdle. But as Esmé found her feet it became obvious she was something a bit special and when Jacq came to visit she was adamant 'Cocoa' was going to Victoria. So, Charlie got her wish! We are really excited to watch these two grow and learn together, mentored by Jacq. And of course, pending health results, Esmé will be a very exciting part of our future breeding plans.


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