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An Ever Expanding World

It was a week of so many firsts and new experiences as we continue to expand their world.

Mid-way through the week we removed the whelping box to give the puppies more space to move around now that they like to run and body slam each other. They have also started spending some time out of their pen. It is great fun to stampede from one end of our 14-metre living room to the other! They also had their very first outside-on-grass experience this morning.

Each day we rotate their toys and surfaces. They especially love small toys they can pick up and walk around with them in their mouth. But we also include things such as a low aerobic step, which has a rough surface and a little height, a balance disc that moves under their feet, and a rubber bath mat.

Feeding time is also a great chance to mentally challenge them and give them different sensory experiences. Their bowl might be hidden behind something, or on a lickiemat, or in a snufflemat.

They have also started their clicker training and spending time on the grooming table each day. Today we began the initial stages of crate training by simply adding one to their pen for them to go in and out of.

As the week has progressed, Liina has reduced the amount of time she spends with them. And she gave herself a Mother's Day gift today: now refusing to clean up their poos!

5 Weeks - Jelly, Pinto, Coffee, Cocoa, Cannellini, Butter:


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