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A Time to Say Goodbye

This week was overshadowed by the passing of my sister, Anita. Anita had looked forward to this litter nearly as much as me and she couldn't wait to bring her kids up to see Liina's puppies. But the diagnosis of the return of her incredibly rare Ewing's Sarcoma came at around the same time as Liina's pregnancy was confirmed. But she was there on messenger, insisting on updates, as each of the puppies were born. And several times she called me when she didn't want to think about the bad stuff, to ask me to tell her how the puppies were going. Or when we were together she enjoyed watching them on the camera. So as we say goodbye to our little beans, we also say goodbye to Anita.

Cannellini, now Daisy, has gone to be loved by Joe and Georgie Dolbey and Liina's cousin, Hank, here in Tasmania.

Jelly, now Narvi, is the first fur baby for Samantha James and Worik McShane and will also remain in Tas. Damian may have offered them Fleur in order for him to keep Jelly.

We welcome both of these families to our extended Aetozee/Armahani/Zuleika family.

The remaining four puppies will make their way to their new families next week. So look forward to more introductions.

And so our final formal photos, at 8 weeks:

JELLY (Aetozee Jojo Zaho*)

PINTO (Aetozee Beverly Kills*)

COFFEE (Aetozee Aubrey Haive*)

COCOA (Aetozee Scarlett Adams*)

CANNELLINI (Aetozee Art Simone*)

BUTTER (Aetozee Etcetera Etcetera*)

*pending Dogs Tas approval


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