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Aila was our not-so-little dark horse. Her lack of big markings meant she wasn't as initially eye-catching as her flashy sisters. But once Rachael started putting them on the table she began to appreciate how nice she really was and from there Rachael couldn't look past her. So she was very keen to keep her close by in order to show her and hopefully have her as a part of the future Aetøzee breeding program. The stars aligned when Cara and Chris Landers, who own Mishka from Rachael's Zuleika 'Bombe' litter, reached out to say they were interested in a second Lappie. When we offered them 'Coffee', Cara exclaimed, "I was trying not to have a favourite when we visited. But she was it." It was meant to be. So Aila lives with the Landers as their family pet, but plays show dog with Rachael.

Owners: Rachael Holloway

& Jacqualine Lincoln

DOB: 9 April 2023

Colour: Black & Tan

Registration: 7100053603

Hips: TBC

Elbows: TBC

Eyes: TBC

PRA: Clear

Pompes: Clear

DM: Clear

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